Land of the Rising Santa

2005 Tokyo, Photo by Needle

Oyabun Santa has informed us that the Tokyo Santarchy is on for December 23rd.

The Next Santarchy is 12/23 Saturday. The Full On Santadelic, Nobody Can Stop Us!

Meet at 12 noon at Shibuya Hachiko

Rain or Bad Weather the event is canceled.

Fees: Of course it is Free!

Costume: Full Santa costume or related costumes. Be sure to stay warm and we recommend comfortable walking shoes.

It is also good if you have gifts for strangers you encounter.

Our goal is to have an event that is wide and deep. We wholeheartedly welcome first timers!

Caution: you do need to have a santa costume or something related. No spectator, YOU ARE GOD!!!!

And please note that we will be walking around a lot on that day so make sure you are comfortable.

The most important thing with Santarchy is that there is no statement: Please no politics, philosophy, culture church or other categories.

To be able to continue Santarchy we prohibit any overly disruptive reckless behavior. You can be completely stupid, but please stay smart.

Please note that this is not a psychedelic trance party. Please do not bring any illegal things or activities.

It’s also prohibited to have fights, litter or kachinkko fakku[1].

The day’s agenda: Meet at Shibuya, swarm nearby department stores, go to Yoyogi Park, go to Omotesando, infilitrate Omotesando high class boutiques, subway somewhere else and at that station have a Santarampage and then over.
Emphasis mine. Now go forth henna gaijin, and make us proud.
[1] Now you know how to say ‘public display of fucking’ in Japanese. Have fun with it.