Portland Mercury Santacon Article

Portland Santacon
photo by Wm Leler

Check out Marjorie Skinner’s The Portland Mercury article on Santacon that came out today: “Yes, There is a Santa Mob”

For the most part, Marjorie actually seems to understand what Santarchy/Santacon is all about and she’s even included some fairly accurate historical information. She also mentions the Auckland, New Zealand Santa event, but in proper prospective to the Portland Santacon, which is much closer to what most Santacon events are like. Notice how she wrote the entire article without once calling us a “movement” or “protest” event. Bravo! Now if only the idiots at AP/Retuers/UPI could do the same.

Back in 1996, the Portland Cacophony Society hosted the first Santacon to take place outside of San Francisco, which then led to other US cities hosting the event and a few years later going international.