Radio New Zealand Interview

Radio New Zealand

On Sunday evening I did a radio interview with Jim Mora and a panel of “experts” on Radio New Zealand. They had me on the show to talk about and our reaction to the Auckland Santa controversy. Alex Dyer, a spokesperson for the Auckland Santa event, was on the show as well. He gives a much better explanation of what actually happened, compared to what was reported by the world media. As always, don’t believe everything you read.

The interview segment is called “The Panel”. You’ll need to forward about 8 minutes in to get to the actual Santarchy discussion.

Overall, I think it was a good piece and should help give a bit of balance to things. Hint: if you’re doing a story or blogging about the New Zealand Santa event, please listen to this interview first and read the STUFF article, as well as check out the information on our website, especially the Mini-FAQ on the sidebar.