New Zealand Santarchy Follow-Up

Santarchy New Zealand
photo by Mark Barber

It turns out that the controversial Auckland Santa event, was organized by the online skateboard magazine Muckmouth in their forums.

This comment was left on our previous NZ blog post by one of that event’s organizers:

Hello from Auckland, New Zealand, the international home of Santarchy!!!

Despite the moodiness on national radio over here, I assume you lot are stoked at the free publicity!

Santarchy in Auckland has been going for 6 years over here, and rather than being clueness idiots, we are hunky and sensible and it was more a case of a few bad eggs poisoning the eggnog…

There was some major misreporting and chinese whispers. Breaking bottles and urinating under a bridge, became throwing rocks at buses and urinating on cars from an overpass.

The ‘organisers’ as they were, saw little in the way of crime other than one santa attempting to board a foreign vessel by scaling 20 metres along a rope 60 feet in the air. The difficulty and motor skills involved in this task alone should be a defense in itself of being “drunk” and “disorderly”.

We expect to be fully vindicated by a documentary screening on Sky One in New Zealand on Christmas Eve.

We would certainly appreciate a little more unity and understanding between Santas and ask not to be judged on the behaviour of a few.

Lots of love,

As expected, it looks like the media blew this way out of proportion.

UPDATE 1: The Radio New Zealand interview is now online

UPDATE 2: STUFF article on Auckland Santas has more accurate reporting