New Zealand Santa’s (allegedly) Run Amok!

News Reports on Santas in Auckland, New Zealand

Just because criminals use ski-masks (or Santa suits in this case) doesn’t mean everyone wearing a ski mask is a criminal. We (the maintainers of haven’t been in a red suit since 1998. We’re retired. Out of control Santas’s in your town? Blame society. We did this event to have fun and toy with the goofy cultural archetypes represented in X-mas imagery. Is this a political Statement? Not on your life. If a bunch of Frat Dorks use this idea & imagery to terrorize their town — it’s not our business. News reports notwithstanding, the truth as to motives and even actual incidents is rarely presented in these often exaggerated press accounts. Santa should spread good cheer. If he doesn’t, spank him! Or send him to jail!

– Santa Melmoth & Santa Squid

UPDATE 1: The Radio New Zealand interview is now online

UPDATE 2: STUFF article on Auckland Santas has more accurate reporting